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Balla Berries is a rare hybrid that is a perfectly balanced strain, 50% indica and 50% sativa when bred correctly. A lot of Balla Berries on the market are a little lopsided, favoring 60% indica, but either way, the name might clue you in that this strain is a sweet treat for those who like a comfortable but intense high.

If you’re obsessed with strain genetics, Balla Berries presents an interesting dilemma: we don’t know where it comes from. Berry strains have been combined over time, pruned for their effects and their look, and resulted in Balla Berries at some point. But we can’t trace it back specifically. Despite its unknown origins, the taste of this strain is more than enough to put Balla Berries on the map. It’s delicious and fruity, favoring a spicy or herbal aftertaste as well. It’s probably what you’d expect it to taste like once you see it. The Balla Berries buds look like fluffy, hard grapes, green but flooding into deeper purple hues on the outside. The hairs are deep orange and brown, while the trichomes are pink and eye-popping. With such an exotic appearance, it’s no wonder that the Balla Berries strain explodes with fruity flavors. It’ll remind you most of blueberry, but it’s mixed with a sweeter, alternate berry flavor as well.

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What about the high? Balla Berries hits hard. With an average THC content of 21%-22%, this strain is not for people who plan on working or driving any time soon. Balla Berries slams into your brain and buzzes for a while before finally pulling back. At that point, you’ll feel comfortable and sleepy. The high permeates your whole body, leaving you relaxed, calm, and ready for bed at any time of the day. This is why we recommend the evening for this particular strain: the berry flavor goes great with bedtime and the high promises to get you there smoothly.

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The soothing flavors and intense, relaxing high make the Balla Berries strain ideal for people who desperately need that sleep, such as insomniacs. A toke before bed should help you slam the door on your overactive thoughts and let your body relax. Type A personalities know the feeling of a racing mind that can’t let go of work and other responsibilities. Balla Berries might be a backdoor for your brain to escape long enough to get some sleep. This effect works as a general anxiety-reliever as well. Those who suffer from migraines, headaches, or chronic anxiety and stress can use Balla Berries to wind down. As a bonus, people who have high eye pressure related to glaucoma may find relief with this strain as well.

Balla Berries will make you feel cerebral, but not productive. It’s for people who want to do less. It’ll hit you hard and knock you out cold with a calming, tingly sense of relaxation throughout your body, followed by the desire to get some sleep. If you find your brain firing on all cylinders constantly, to the point where you have trouble relaxing and falling asleep, Balla Berries is a comforting friend to have. It’s hard on you at first, but like the best friends, that’s only because it wants what’s best for you. In this case, it’s sleep.

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October 8, 2022


This is straight pressure....nothing bad at all about it

July 3, 2022

Champ Franklin

I'm trying it for the first time 2day and it is awesome and for those who don't know it's made by 2 black guys from Atlanta now based in California...their company is called Gas House

August 1, 2021


I need to kno who made this I love it especially the grape flavor omg I need to tap in with who made this strain hmu

February 14, 2021

Michael McMillan

Strain was fire!!!!!!!Tastes like god rolled this for me.