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About Axilla

The Bank Genetics, located in Colorado, has consistently produced some amazing strains over the years, and Axilla is just one of many in their prized collection. An interesting cross between Fall 97 and Bubba Kush, this indica-dominant gal often tricks users into thinking she’s bringing sativa effects and then blindsides you with relaxation. Axilla can be tough to find outside of the West Coast, making her a sought-after strain.

While some newer users may think they can handle all that Axilla has to offer, it’s typically recommended that more experienced smokers partake in her 22% THC average. Her nugs are round in shape and feature an unusual combination of purple undertones, amber hairs, and clear crystals that are covered in sticky resin. Those who love dessert strains will crave Axilla as her flavors and aromas take on a sweet berry note with hints of earth and candy.

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Just a few tokes of Axilla will likely send you into a blissful haze, with many users claiming that they get a short-lived sense of euphoric energy. Take advantage of this time while you can, because it certainly won’t last long. As your high continues, it’s likely that you’ll drift into a state of calm that’s both physical and mental, eventually leaving you with a bit of hunger and a lot of relaxation. Grab some snacks and put on a good movie because you probably won’t be leaving the couch for at least a few hours.

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Anyone looking to address medical issues will find that Axilla offers a well-rounded set of benefits that can help to soothe a range of symptoms. Individuals with anxiety and depression may find that they have difficultly forming a negative thought after a few puffs, and those who struggle with bodily pain have claimed that Axilla helps to dull their discomfort. Depending on your symptoms, this strain could help with PTSD or insomnia, while others have noted that nausea or a loss of appetite is helped by the munchies this bud provides.

The Bank Genetics is a bit of an interesting breeder because while they aren’t shy about sharing cultivation information, actually locating seeds or clones tends to be much harder. Axilla is said to be great for growers of all experience levels and, while she’ll do well inside, will truly thrive outside. Plants can get quite large and tend to produce an exceptional harvest. Inside growth will conclude in roughly 8 to 9 weeks.

Between her mouth-watering fruity flavors and her reported range of effects, Axilla is a great strain for more experienced users to try. Depending on your tolerance, you could get away with taking a few tokes in the early afternoon but it’s recommended that you really wait until the end of the day to indulge. This bud could be great for lazy weekends and is popular for both recreational and medical use.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Stephen Jensen

Axilla is probably the best indica dominant cannabis I have ever had. Period! It is relaxing with a nice mellow feeling. If I had to only grow 2 strains of weed I would choose axilla and white widow. Axilla is AWSOME!


I was very surprised and pleasantly so, this is an awesome strain for calming, relaxing relief when your day starts to come to a close. I won’t make any pallet claims as I’m not that in tune, all I know is it tastes great and that’s enough for me. From a quick onset of euphoria that shift’s to calm and carefree. If you come across Axilla don’t pass it up, you’ll be missing out.