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Atomic Goat

Atomic Goat

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Atomic Goat

Don’t let its name fool you -- Atomic Goat is a strain with an aroma that’s more herbal than it is goatlike. This sativa-leaning hybrid is a cross between powerful sativa Chernobyl and resinous Golden Goat. It provides smokers with an initially energetic high that soon melts in thorough relaxation. Atomic Goat’s THC content has been measured at between 14% and 21%.

Atomic Goat’s flower set themselves apart with a rounded, bullet-like formation and a typically medium size. The buds adhere closely together in a dense, characteristically indica structure. The small, tightly-coiled leaves are a bright shade of lime green and are wound through with curly brown pistils. Finally, parent strain Golden Goat passes on its high volume of amber-colored trichomes, making the strain’s leaves even more vibrant with a slightly yellow glow.

Atomic Goat gives off a surprisingly light and pleasant herbal scent, similar to sag or eucalyptus. Another whiff reveals some toasty, cocoa-like undertones. Meanwhile, grinding up these flowers yields a sharp, peppery odor. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Atomic Goat burns with a smooth and easily ingested smoke. This smoke tastes nutty with a touch of spiciness on the exhale.

It doesn’t take long after smokers have consumed this bud’s herbal fumes before it starts to take action in the head. A rush of blood may result in some flushing in the face as well as a slight increase in blood pressure around the temples and eyes. These strange sensations are accompanied by a distinct change in the way the user thinks. Ideas and concepts that might not otherwise be interesting may suddenly occupy inordinate amounts of the smoker’s attention. Additionally, this bud’s cerebral mindset can bring up new associations between seemingly unrelated thoughts, leading some smokers around in free-flowing stream of consciousness. As a result, at least at first, Atomic Goat can be a good way to accomplish analytical, detail-oriented tasks. It may also bring out the giddiness or chattiness in some, making it a solid way to break the ice in buzzy social situations. After a little more than an hour, though, Atomic Goat’s early feelings of focus and intent tend to melt into a more sluggish state. Waves of relaxation can ease any deeply-held physical tension and may provoke the desire to sit or lie down in the closest comfortable surroundings. While it may not totally derail any existing plans or tasks, this relaxed vibe may make you want to cancel, say, a trip to the gym. As this subdued feeling wears on, any of the day’s preoccupations tend to vanish into the background as the smoker kicks back and melds with their environment. Because of its slow dip from stimulation to relaxation, Atomic Goat is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening, when it can be fully appreciated.

Atomic Goat’s versatile effects give it a few different applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Its onset may enable focus and concentration for those with attention deficit disorders. The strain’s mood-altering effects may also temporarily relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, this bud may dull aches and pains, whether they’re chronic and nerve-related or simple everyday irritations like nausea and headaches. Because its early cerebral patterns of thinking can morph into paranoia in the wrong circumstances, Atomic Goat is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Unfortunately for prospective home growers, seeds of this strain are not available for sale online. Instead, growers must obtain clippings from mature plants of Atomic Goat in order to foster them as genetically identical “clones.” While there is little information available on best practices for cultivating this specific strain, we know that, like most hybrids, it can be grown indoors or outdoors in a humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Furthermore, the strain’s indica-influenced flowers suggest that its plants grow short and bushy and may require occasional pruning of any wide, light-blocking fan leaves.

Atomic Goat is a good all-purpose smoke whether you’re lounging alone or with like-minded friends. It can be an especially nice way to spend a rainy day indoors.

THC Content - 21.0% Highest Test

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Atomic Goat Highest Test
Atomic Goat Average

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