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Indica - 60% Leaning
Lineage: Blueberry
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: United States
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About ArcticBlue

If you daydream of the perfect night where you have a nice dinner, a great conversation, a nightcap, and a full eight hours of sleep, you have come to the right place. This strain seems as though it was bred specifically for insomniacs who crave the sweet, sweet relief of deep sleep. ArcticBlue is the result of two extremely flavorful buds, DJ Short Blueberry and the original Blueberry, giving it a sweet dessert like finish with all the effects you’d want to wind down with at the end of the night.

ArcticBlue Farms lends their name to this deliciously delicate, yet potent, strain that boasts 21% THC and 1% CBD, making it a great end of night treat. The flavors are dead on to its lineage, strong in blueberry, blueberry, and more blueberry with undertones of sugary sweet, cheesy goodness. The buds are dense and dusty green with orange hairs and a thick coating of amber trichomes, giving it a glacial appearance.

This bud takes on all the best attributes of its parents, lending itself to a powerful heady high that feels almost like melting ice as it rolls through your body, refreshing your mood and relaxing your muscles. This phase lasts for quite some time, building as the high progresses until it levels out in a mentally clear, euphoric, albeit talkative, state. On the come down you’ll feel heavy and hazy, soon drifting off into a blissful slumber.

For medical purposes, this strain is an ace in the hole. Used for a wide variety of ailments, its major attributes lend itself perfectly to those suffering from stress, depression, and insomnia. Its sedative-like properties are beneficial to the overlying symptoms of the above mentioned disorders as it uplifts your mood while relaxing your body. Those who suffer from chronic pain and headaches can also find relief with ArcticBlue.

Though this strain is recommended for growers of intermediate experience, novice growers might like to try this strain out as a stepping stone plant to get you to the next level - with a little help from an old green thumb that is. With a flowering time of around 10 weeks and an average to above average yield, this indoor/outdoor plant is an absolute delight to have in any garden or greenhouse as its aromas are sugary sweet and extremely pleasant.

If dessert is your favorite part of the meal and bedtime is your favorite part of the day, this is absolutely the strain for you. This sweet bud has all the makings of a perfect strain: excellent flavor, modelesque appearance, and a stellar high worthy of the love it receives from everyone who tries it. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for this tasty bud time and time again.

THC Content - 21.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
ArcticBlue Highest Test
ArcticBlue Average

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