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American Kush

American Kush

Indica - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Evening
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About American Kush

Giggles. Munchies. Stoned. Heavy. Happy. If you’ve ever experienced that classic “Half Baked” style high, you’ll know what we’re getting at. A good old fashioned kush delivers a high that is as American as apple pie. The breeders at Alphakronic Genes crossed the ever popular Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sin City Kush to give us American Kush, a classically robust strain waiting to be your next favorite.

Though the THC generally falls around 20%, a moderate level, this strain has recorded lows of 18% and extreme peaks at 27% and above. That makes this strain a consistently strong, with the rare power punch, indica-dominant blend. The nugs of this plant are forest green and dense with rich gold undertones and orange hairs covered in visible resin. This sweet coating gives off a deliciously spiced scent accented by lemon and coffee notes with lavender and coffee flavorings.

The high starts in the head and neck, with tingles rushing from top to bottom and eventually making their way to your limbs and core. These pleasing sensations are accompanied by full body relaxation and a slight case of the munchies. You’ll definitely have that standard ‘stoned’ feeling with a bit of laziness. The comedown will have users feeling sleepy and even more relaxed until you eventually konk out. As a result, this strain is recommended for evening or night time use.

American Kush is great for a spectrum of medical uses, but the primary and most beneficial uses are for pain, insomnia, and mood disorders such as stress or anxiety. Because of the powerfully indica forward effects, users who suffer from the above find the calmness of this bud soothes out a myriad of even the most stubborn symptoms. In excess, this strain can agitate anxiety or paranoia in novice users, so please be mindful of your tolerance before indulging too much.

American Kush is a moderately easy plant to grow with a flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks indoors and a late October harvest outdoors. Anyone with a green thumb can make it happen, but this plant is typically recommended for intermediates and above. The yield is average both indoors or out, but can sometimes dip to below average if the soil is not properly tempered.

Kush lovers already know that this is a great strain. It has all the best characteristics of flavor, effects, and mood that a classic kush delivers and leaves you wandering off to dreamland on the comedown. Enjoy this bud in the evening or at night and enjoy an incredibly relaxing high with some of your favorite snacks and pals.

THC Content - 27.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
American Kush Highest Test
American Kush Average

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