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About Alien Technology

Alien Technology, staying true to the name, is one of the rarest and most mysterious strains to exist. Having descended from a pure inbred Afghani landrace, the origins of its arrival are unknown. However, the most widely accepted story about its introduction is that it was brought back by a soldier returning home from Afghanistan. There are no records of this particular strain winning any awards, but that is largely because this strain is extremely rare to get a hold of. 

Even though the strain remains rare with limited information available, we do know it has been the building block to many well known 'Alien' strains found in dispensaries throughout the west coast of the United States - most notably Alien Dawg and Alien Kush.

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Alien Technology, also known as Alien Tech at times, has short, burly and robust plants which produce thick yields of tightly packed flowers. The plant itself is light green in color, and has dark emerald patches all over in addition to being covered in orange and brown pistils. Moreover, bright white trichomes cover the plant, giving it an interesting and fluffy appearance.

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The smell of Alien Technology is an unusual mix of spicy and earthy aromas and is slightly reminiscent of cedar wood. The scent is reflected in the taste as well. Alien Tech has a smooth and rich taste which is not only adventurous, but also earthy and spicy, and leaves behind a turpentine and vanilla aftertaste. The delicious taste is highly enjoyable, and lingers on for long after the exhale.

The strong taste of Alien Tech is carried on to its lasting effects. The high stays for more than 2 hours, and in some cases it has been reported to last for as long as 6 hours, showing just how strong this strain is. In fact, it is so strong that only a couple of hits can satisfy even the most experienced of users. The pure indica effects are sedative as well as narcotic and provide users with calming, cerebral and happy sensations which uplifts mood, sharpens senses and induces deep euphoria in users. Alien Technology has plenty of medicinal benefits, which include the soothing of sore muscles and joints, and relieves users of anxiety as well as chronic pains. Furthermore, it helps immensely to fight physical and mental stress, and also alleviates sleeplessness.

Rumor has it that breeder OBSoul33t acquired the seeds from the soldier who brought it back from Afghanistan, and then developed Alien Technology. Its indoor yield takes 8-9 weeks, and it is ready for harvest outdoors by the end of September.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Blue Eddy

Grew one plant 2021 outdoors. It was a free/bonus seed in an order so it can't be all that rare. We had a bad time with botrytis this outdoor season but AT seemed almost impervious to it. The harvest was modest but good quality. Very sticky after drying, grinding is difficult. Contrary to the site's suggestion, we found the effects to be uplifting and daytime enjoyable. We will grow it again for sure. Four stars only because the harvest amount was quite low, maybe 150 grams for the entire plant.

617 medical

Just finished a grow of this it grew amazing very beautiful pretty flowers very healthy I flowered it kind of young as I had to fit in with a grow that was already flowering but I also took clones I'm starting a new grow and I'm going to be flowering five more super potent flower smells great awesome for nighttime use smoked a fatty and it knocked me out after 3 hits nice weekend Med great for fishing and being outside believe me if you smoke the real thing you're going to be relaxed hungry and high as f for at least 3 hours