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Alien Breath

Alien Breath

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Unknown
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About Alien Breath

Raise your hand if you’ve had an alien breathe into your face before. Now raise your hand again if you’ve seen a strain called Alien Breath on the shelf. Our guess is that the two responses will look pretty similar, as this 50/50 hybrid strain is a tough one to locate. Unknown breeders have crossed POGO and Berry Breath for a night time strain that’s soothing and fun.

Not much is known about this extraterrestrial friend of ours, although reports don’t describe her to be too much of a heavy hitter, leading us to believe her THC levels are moderate. Nugs don’t have much of a distinct appearance but instead, it’s her flavor and aroma that leaves a lasting impression. Notes of skunk and fruit combine for an experience that’s certainly on the unique side.

Alien Breath has been described as the ideal way to end your day, with effects that bring you to a happy yet very tired place. Tingles will travel your body from head to toe, and while you may notice a bit of the giggles, the overwhelming theme of the high is to sleep. Again, depending on exact THC levels and your own personal tolerance, this strain may give you some pep in your step before you settle in for the night, or you could wind up hugging your pillow half an hour after your first toke. Our best advice is to tread carefully with this one.

Imagine all of the scenarios in which you could use an extra dose of happiness and relaxation and that’s precisely the medical concerns this bud is known to treat. Depression, stress, and even major waves of anxiety can be calmed by this sedating strain, and while you won’t feel overly drugged, there is a certain sense of slowing down during your high. Bodily pain can be offset by Alien Breath’s physical effects, making this bud a great all-around choice for the end of the day.

Unlike many other hybrids, Alien Breath has a strong preference for indoor growth, so anyone who wants to try their hand at home cultivation should clear a space in their garage or basement. In most instances, flowering time only takes a mere 8 to 9 weeks, allowing newer growers to see the labor of their love in next to no time at all.

While the name may not be super enticing, and some have even said the taste is what they imagine alien breath to be like, the effects will hopefully make up for it. Keep your eyes out for this elusive strain, and if you happen to see it, document the entire experience just like you would an alien encounter. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just smoke some and enjoy it - that totally works too.

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