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Sativa - 100%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Indonesia
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About Aceh

Aceh, or otherwise and more commonly known as Atjeh, is a historic landrace strain that is one of many native to the Aceh region of Indonesia. It was originally only available on the islands in Southeast Asia, and while it is still relatively difficult to find in Western countries, it can be found more readily all over the Eastern hemisphere. The breeders of this particular strain remain unknown, but many people believe that the flower as we know it really lives up to the old adage “it takes a village.”

This strain is surprisingly powerful given its low average of 10% THC. Given its pure sativa status, Aceh is an energetic bud that boasts a bright palate of tropical fruit, citrus, and woodiness. The aromas, much like the flavors, are fruity and earthy with a pungent punch to the nose. The buds are small and minty green with orange hairs and a slight dusting of white trichomes.

The onset of Aceh is one that is hard-hitting but mellow, and is highly recommended for a chill afternoon or evening with friends. As the effects are fairly low key and giggly, this is a nice wake and bake strain as well because of its ability to sharpen focus and boost creativity. Now is the time to plow through that to-do list, because soon enough you’ll start to feel talkative, silly, and easily distracted. As those more flighty effects take hold you’ll find that your body starts to relax and come down.

Aceh comes with a slight warning not to smoke if you are prone to anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health issues that can be agitated by racing thoughts. With that said, Aceh is a strain that lends itself nicely to conditions such as mild to moderate depression, chronic stress, and fatigue because of its energetic properties. It is also highly beneficial for cases of chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, cramps, lack of appetite, and nausea. ADHD and bipolar can also benefit from this strain in smaller doses.

Growing this plant is a relatively middle-of-the-road activity. Aceh will grow indoors or out with an 8 to 9 week indoor harvest or a late September to early October outdoor harvest. As you’d expect from an Indonesian landrace, this flower prefers tropical climates and relatively steady temperatures. The yield proves to be above average in the right conditions and is extremely aromatic, bordering on pungent. For those that require discretion, consider a smell proof system.

Sativa lovers - you’ve found your next best friend. The easy smokability of this strain makes it a great beginner’s strain or a nice mellow high for more advanced smokers. Enjoy the bright flavors in a vape or flavored wrap for an added kick.

THC Content - 10.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Aceh Highest Test
Aceh Average

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