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As 420 has become synonymous with cannabis culture, can you imagine the effects that a strain named 840 might have? While we can take a few guesses, no one seems to know for sure, as this bud seems to only exist in rumor form. It’s said to have been bred by Dragonfly Earth Medicine, but as far as anyone can tell, that’s not a functioning cannabis cultivator any longer. With parents including Afgoo, Super Lemon Haze, God Bud, and Purple Thai, it’s anyone’s guess what this plant is actually like.

While it would be great to have an accurate idea of THC levels ahead of time, 840 isn’t giving anyone that courtesy. In fact, many wonder if these nugs actually even exist, as their appearance seems to be kept under wraps. What has been circulated through the grapevine, however, is that this bud seems to be quite potent in the smell department. Notes of huckleberry, cedar, and musty terpenes come together for something savory and bold.

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Since one can only speculate at the intensity of 840’s high, it’s rather hard to prepare you for what you’re about to experience. Although it is a balanced hybrid, it’s noted that effects tend to be on the uplifting side of the spectrum. By exploring her parentage, you can make the safe assumption that creativity and focus may fall into your lap as well as a cerebral experience that could land you in a peaceful and relaxed comedown. These effects are speculative at best, so you may want to approach this bud with an open mind.

Just like her recreational side, 840 probably has a set of medical benefits that are powerful and useful, but no one quite knows what they are. Most strains of cannabis, especially hybrids, tend to do well with easing both mental and physical ailments, so you’re probably in the safe zone here. Given that the general information surrounding this plant includes mention of uplifting effects, it’s assumed that daytime use is best.

Love to grow your own cannabis at home? We commend you for the effort, but you may want to go searching for a bud other than 840. With unknown genetic information, minimal knowledge about her effects, and a seemingly scarce level of availability, you probably won’t be able to find clones or seeds. If you do, spread the love!

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The next time you want to find a needle in a haystack, go on a search for 840 at your local dispensaries. In fact, your first challenge is to see if anyone has even heard of it. For those of you who are able to actually smoke some, savor the experience because it will likely never happen again.

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