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60 Day Wonder

60 Day Wonder

Indica - 60% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Evening
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About 60 Day Wonder

There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of Ruderalis in hybrids that are intended to be smoked, but there are still those that find the idea of strains that auto-flower (a trait attributed to strains with Ruderalis in their lineage) appealing, even more so when the strain can finish flowering in 60 days. Such is the case with DNA Genetics pairing of the Indica William's Wonder from the Super Sativa Seed Club and Ruderalis, which the breeders named 60 Day Wonder. Most users find that the strain provides a strong classic style Indica body stone that is not often overwhelming and can last for a couple of hours.

Suitable for most users to use all throughout the day, 60 Day Wonder may provide some patients will relief from chronic aches and pains. Others may find it calms their anxiety or depression and relieves stress. This strain may also be used to treat glaucoma and nausea.

One large complaint about strains based off of ruderalis is the low yield, this strain may produce as little as 10 grams per plant or as much as 40 grams per plant. Still many beginners like them as they can germinate them quickly, plant them and leave them under 24 hours of light. Requiring no extra attention 60 Day Wonder will usually finish from seed to harvest in 60 days, though the strain does not seem to be the most stable. Some growers have even reported getting a non-auto-flowering phenotype in a pack of 60 Day Wonder seeds.

THC Content - 14.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
60 Day Wonder Highest Test
60 Day Wonder Average

Common Usage


Cotton Mouth
Dry Eyes


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