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3 Bears OG

3 Bears OG

Indica - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Spain
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About 3 Bears OG

By embarking on the complicated crossing of some of their favorite strains, breeders at Mephisto Genetics in Spain came up with 3 Bears OG. Her exact lineage hails from Triangle Kush, Bear OG, and Karma’s OG Cut, producing an indica-dominant strain that’s great for medicinal relief. A true autoflowering plant, those at Mephisto term her as a cornerstone of their artisanal collection.

Although precise THC levels have yet to be published, all signs point to this bud being rather high on the charts. Nugs tend to be hard to the touch but make up for that with their immensely thick coating of resin and crystals. What’s more, the flavors you get from 3 Bears OG are pretty mindblowing as juicy watermelon blends with other fruits for a sweet and bright treat.

A true night time strain, 3 Bears OG will help you get off to sleep in no time at all, but not before leading you down a path of joy and hunger. After your first hit or two you’ll instantly feel every muscle in your body relax, and as you’re brought to a mental place of bliss, these feelings will be accompanied by a soothing bodily tingle. Keep snacks at the ready as the munchies kick in, then curl up for a night of peaceful rest.

Imagine having to deal with a nagging medical issue, be it physical or mental, and still having to adult all day long. Sounds tiring, right? Once you’re home for the night and have kicked off your shoes, 3 Bears OG will be there to relieve you of your ailments and get you into an amazing headspace. Bodily issues like headaches or nausea are quelled by this bud, and while she may not claim to work wonders on stress or depression, we have a hard time believing you’ll still be cranky once you’re high.

While many hybrids are amenable to varying growing conditions, 3 Bears OG is a little pickier. After all, the conditions have to be just right. Indoor or greenhouse growth tends to be the best, and while these plants don’t get very tall, they will become quite bushy if not controlled early on. A bit of cultivation experience will do you good here, and after roughly 10 weeks you’ll be able to harvest your labor of love.

If you haven’t already thought of it, imagine the childhood fairy tale about the home where the three bears live. Much like with cannabis, everyone had their specific food and bed preferences, so keep in mind that this strain may not fit the needs of all users. However, with incredibly delicious flavors and super relaxing effects, we’re pretty sure that you’ll love it. As her potency is still vague, start off slowly and then work your way up to a magical night of relaxation.




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