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Fweedom Cannabis

12001 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98133 (206) 734-9333

About Fweedom Cannabis

12001 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, 98133

Who knew that our love for hemp based clothing would turn into a three-location dispensary operation? We sure didn’t, and yet here we are serving Washingtonians with a huge selection of flower, pre-rolls, clothing, and more. Like our name implies, we’ve enjoyed the freedom that comes along with working in such an important industry.

In 2008, we started Fweedom with the intention of educating the public about the benefits of using hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo instead of traditional fabrics. As our passion for the environment grew, we became involved in marijuana legislature and knew that our actions were leading toward something amazing.

The next year we formed a marijuana collective and the rest is history! We’ve won High Times Cannabis Cup awards and have been featured in Dope Magazine for the Budtender of the Year. Our team prides themselves on education, quality, and a sense of community above anything else. Our shops in Seattle, Mount Vernon, and Mountlake Terrace are proud to be a part of the state’s marijuana movement.

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