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Growing ReLeaf

Location pin icon4160 Sw 109Th Ave, Beaverton, Or 97005, Usa, Beaverton, OR, 97005 Phone icon(971) 703-5166

About Growing ReLeaf

4160 SW 109th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005, USA, Beaverton, 97005

About Us
Growing Releaf is located just outside the bustling historic district of downtown Beaverton. Our location is homey, embracing people of all walks of life, and conveniently located whether you are looking for a laughter filled evening, or real relief from pain, nausea, chronic stress and other conditions. You can expect to be served quickly, and with great dignity, our budtenders guiding you toward choices that are best for your unique situation. Whether this is your first time partaking in the cannabis plant, or you are a cannabis connoisseur, our array of products will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

Why Choose Us
Growing Releaf is simply the best dispensary in Beaverton- providing a relaxing, custom cannabis experience for the community of professionals, artists and diverse others living just outside the city of Portland. Our flower prices can’t be beat, as well as our habit of sourcing only from the best growers and producers in Oregon. We are committed to serving our medical patients with the latest and most discrete options available, from edibles and flower to tinctures and concentrates that activate with a single puff. Our topicals are just another option that both medical and recreational customers use to relax sore muscles, and get through the day without the head high.

With so many cannabis dispensaries popping up around every corner, it can be hard to find a bargain that is actually worth taking home. In an industry dominated by cheap prerolls filled with powdered plant matter, and edibles marked up higher than ever, Growing Releaf is exactly as the name suggests. We negotiate for the absolute best quality cannabis for a price that will make our location feel more like visiting family than a dispensary. We are particularly proud of our fine, fluffy, trichome-encrusted flower, with a wide range of terpenes leading you from a blueberry scented night to a gassy dystopian dream.

Living so far from Southern Oregon, many cannabis dispensaries have dropped in flower quality, not expecting the high demand for cannabis products. At Growing Releaf we only source from the best, most advanced farms, skilled in creating cured, terpene dense flowers with many applications for healing. Since dosage is different for every person we also source potencies for every level of consumer. After all, a beginner may only desire a 5 mg edible, but a cannabis connoisseur or medical patient may require a dosage of 20mg or more for desired results. Come try our mix and match products to find what works best for your biology.

Commitment to Medical Patients
Oregon cannabis began with medical use in mind. Whether patient or provider, the laws established during this time provided a foundation for the growing recreational market of today. Since our beginnings, we have always been patient first, focusing on sourcing the most healing iterations of the cannabis plant, and concentrating on cannabinoids and terpenes that make a big difference in day to day life. Our OMMP patients enjoy a tax free and reduced price on all of our products, meaning more healing with less material, whether you enjoy smoking the plant in its flower form, vaporizing, or consuming your medicine.

About Growing ReLeaf

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