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Recent Customer Reviews

Animal Mint weed strain illustration
Animal Mint
By: Plant life

This is a great strain for an afternoon smoke, as I found myself getting creative an euphoric high leading into a couch lock experience in the end. It totally took my mind off of any daily worries and helped alleviate stress and bodyaches. I highly recommend.

Banana Candy weed strain illustration
Banana Candy
By: Rainbhaser

This strain just fell in to my last. What a joy.For me it starts with a head high. Across the front and around my forehead. Relaxation comes on. just feeling good. No paranoia. Then it progresses to the body buzz.At this pintail symptoms are working together.This is very enjoyable. Northern Light has always been one of my fave ,but,I think this one has moved into my top position. Smell great, looks better. Kind of sneaks hip on you. Excellent all around buzzard I would say anytime time of day smoke.

Arjan's Haze weed strain illustration
Arjan's Haze
By: Morgan

12 weeks in flower I had my doubts but do love a GOOD haze.medium knowledge needed to grow ,,it’s worth the wait like being really Stoned n you micro dosing but the dose ain’t so will be a regular from now on

Chemdawg Sour Diesel weed strain illustration
Chemdawg Sour Diesel
By: TimothyPFloyd

Absolutely some of the best bud i've smoked.Great lineage & it kicks ass.

Black D.O.G. weed strain illustration
Black D.O.G.
By: Adam Brown

Great strain ! Has been a staple of my grow corner for years in both indoor outdoor grows, strong , high CBD and CBN !! Can hit some heavy THC counts !! Taste and aroma are heavenly!!! Depending which phenotype, Fast flower pheno #3 Has a more energetic high !! Hard grape scent and taste with a herbal gassy finish !! Good night time strain !! Great frost resistance!! Awesome for North American grows or colder regions!!Very short flowering time !! 45 to 52 days But harder to find now ! From one of my absolute favorite Genetics Companies Humboldt seed co. , It's a cross between Blackberry Kush and Emerald headband !!! All phenotypes are Bomb !!!

Afghan Kush weed strain illustration
Afghan Kush
By: Darwin Damian

Recently prescribed for my chronic IBS pain in the mornings. Very effective at low dose