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Green Crack weed strain illustration
Green Crack

This is my go to! I suffer from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, neurofibromatosis and anxiety When I vape GC it makes me feel regular with no pain, no fatigue and I can function

Mimosa weed strain illustration
By: skitzswaggy

this shit was gas got a 3.5 before my tolerance break and a small blunt is better than a 2g skittles blunt mad stuff

Blue Dream weed strain illustration
Blue Dream
By: Mike Corvin

A note for JLM66’:As you said, 510 carts are very strong, sometimes ridiculously strong. Super-potent flower clocks in at 30% THC. Some of those carts are THREE TIMES the potency. Personally I think carts are good in a pinch where discretion is key. Or for nausea that suddenly comes in and you don’t want to wait 1-5 minutes for your vaporizer to warm up. That being said, I’ve always preferred vaping flower. It’s the least complicated, natural way to do it. No additives or accelerants. I have ASD1 and cannabis is truly from God. Feel free to reach out (somehow).

White Widow weed strain illustration
White Widow
By: Black Pearl

increased perception, slow motion, anxiety, paranoia, not being able to get up, dreaming not (don't drink on the mountain)

Super Skunk weed strain illustration
Super Skunk
By: Issac Sierra

I'm harvesting superskunk from I love growing marijuana. Super skunk Has a real high sedative intoxicating high,When you smoke it has a real Earth tone taste With a hint of A lemon turp taste. It also has a real sweet bubble gum smell When flowering. This Strain is a fast harvesting strain 7 to 8 weeks. It's best to use a scrub net because because the buds get so heavy towards the end of the harvest they become real fragile and start to topple and break off. I should get about 16 to 18 oz per square meter indoor. It's also great for mold resistant and bug resistant plant let which comes it's name super skunk because it's super at handling all time at handling all types of environments.

Super Skunk weed strain illustration
Super Skunk
By: Thomas

Been smoking daily for fifty years. So far, super skunk is best weed, starting to get up there with first grade hash, but it's still weed. Super happy to jlbuy l, smoke and enjoy this.