Jack Herer

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Strain Attributes
  • 30% THC
  • 15% THC
  • 12.5%
  • 24.0%
  • 17.0%
  • Avg. Sativa Strain
  • Jack Herer Highest Test
  • Jack Herer Avg.
  • high noticeability
  • low noticeability
  • Euphoric
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Cotton Mouth
  • Focused
  • high prescription volume
  • low prescription volume

Jack Herer, sometimes misspelled as Jack “Herrer”, is an award winning, mostly Sativa strain bred by Sensi Seeds.

The strain delivers a fast-acting, soaring high that lifts moods and leaves users happy. It can make users feel energized as well, inducing an urge to get out and do something.

This strain has also been known to spark creativity and has been reported as increasing focus in adults with both ADD and ADHD. Users still stand the chance of experiencing paranoia, anxiety and dizziness and nearly all will encounter some dry eyes and mouth.

Due to the Sativa-based high this strain produces its most often recommended for stress, anxiety and mood disorders. While the Indica side can relax muscles and ease mild aches; like the kind suffered by patients with fibromyalgia, it is generally not prescribed for serious aches and pains.

It is, however, chosen by some patients to jump-start their appetite and settle their stomachs (especially those suffering from nausea, bulimia and anorexia).

Jack Herer’s lineage is comprised of mostly Haze with some Northern Lights and a little Skunk #1. It is named after a legendary author and activist with the same name. The strain has likely been around since the early nineties but may even date back to the late 1980′s. Since then the strain has been refined and has gone on to win 2 High Times Cannabis Cups and 12 High Life Cups. Subsequently other breeders have selectively bred or tried to imitate this strain with many releasing their results under the same name.

The strain grows quite well outdoors being ready in the middle of September for harvest. It flowers around 62 days (on average) when grown indoors. Jack Herrer is known to yield up to 400 grams per 1000 watts if taken care of properly indoors.